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Friends of San Felasco–go undergroud

Posted on 31 January 2016 by phil

Friends of San Felasco and FSS






It is always nice when people get together–stories are told, new friends are met, and ideas are shared. It is even better when groups get together. Barry Luther loves the outdoors and getting people to enjoy the outdoors. Barry is a Friend of San Felasco and also a member of the FSS. He thought it would be great to unite the two groups together. Barry first organized an FSS hike in the backwoods of San Felasco and then organized the Friends of San Felasco to tour Warrens Cave.

The FSS members that toured San Felasco in late October had a fantastic time, and are still talking about it. The entire San Felasco area is beautiful due to the hard work and dedication of the group that maintains the preserve. The FSS was very excited but a little nervous about taking the San Felasco group inside Warrens Cave. The FSS wanted to reciprocate and show off  the underground wonders of what lies under Florida. However, Warrens Cave is not a beginner cave. The National Speleological Society (NSS) committee that oversees the Warrens Cave preserve is adamant about the safety of everyone on the property and the property itself. As everyone found there was no reason to worry. Every member of the group that went in the cave also had safety and conservation at the top of their minds. It was like every member had been doing this their entire lives.

Some cavers were happy with a tour of the Chicken Grotto, Some made the drop and caved up to the Cashew Squeeze. There was a small group that went thru the Cashew Squeeze and explored the seldom traveled Right and Left Branch. Many people never even went into the cave, but simply stayed topside enjoying the day by Warrens sink. Everyone had a wonderful day being together outdoors in nature.

Thanks to our good friends over at San Felasco.


Story by Philip Walker    Photo’s by Kyle Ulmer


The plaque still looks good commemorating Bill Oldacre for all his dedication and hard work to the NSS owned Warrens Cave Preserve.





















Groups gather and chat in the brisk morning air.












James and Mike making some series plans. If Mike had one more pair of glasses he may make a spectacle out of himself.














Relics of the past: the old first aid and survival kit. Not really sure what the hammer is for.


Reece looks pretty happy after making the climb.


Taking a photo moment in one of the many passages in Warrens Cave.


Kyle our photographer gets his photo taken coming out of the Cashew Squeeze.


Joe sees the light . Don’t go toward the light Joe!



Joe goes off climbing toward the light at the end of the tunnel.


Taking the shape of a Cashew, Reece happily emerges from the squeeze.


Testing out that brand new climbing gear.


Kitty welcomes cavers from the underworld with much needed water and food. We found that Horseradish and French Onion Dip is a requirement of every party.