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Explorer’s Push Series

Posted on 26 January 2010 by admin

By Bill Walker

This is the first of a series of trip reports. Each will detail the first day of exploration in a new virgin cave or virgin passage in a known cave. We are on the verge of a lot of new discoveries in Marion County, and I’ll share them in this series as we find them (hopefully.)

Cave 1
Sean and I went in search of new cave on Tuesday night, 1-26-2010. We found this virgin cave that evening in Marion County. The airflow is very good coming in the entrance.The passages are very low and muddy. At one point while we were exploring, Sean asked me how big the passage was in front of me and I replied that it was an inch taller than the rock hammer! We finally worked our way into a breakdown room where we could stand up and walk around, but unfortunately the breakdown was terminal. It was also SCARY unstable which will prevent us from digging in this room. Unfortunately all the air flows into this room. We exited the cave without exploring all of the passages.