Friends of San Felasco and FSS



Posted on 27 September 2015

Story and photos by Philip Walker How long does an event take place before it is traditional? During the month of September the Florida Speleological Society (FSS) members have a traditional climb practice and party at Bill’s house.  This event probably started as  preparation for the group traveling North to the Fall TAG Cave-in (traditionally) in […] Continue Reading



Spring TAG trip

Posted on 05 May 2015

When work, life, and spring rains get you down–call up some friends and go caving. That is exactly what Mike and Kitty did. Most of the time when the Florida Speleological Society (FSS) goes to the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia (TAG) area, it is fall. Spring rain adds another demention to caving. We would only go […] Continue Reading



Cleanup at Tucks and Lundy’s

Posted on 18 November 2014

Story and photo’s by Philip Walker What Came First: The Chicken or the Egg There was an unconfirmed rumor about a Florida stage coach robbery. As thundering hooves rhythmically pounded across the central Florida terrain, exhausted horses gasped for air. Knowing the bandits may soon overtake them, a money box was thrown from the racing […] Continue Reading



A Day at Catacombs

Posted on 14 August 2014

Some landowners look at a cave as a hindrance, they attempt to fill the natural hole with all sorts of debris.  Of course,we discourage this and volunteer to clean out sinks and caves.  Some landowners realize they have a valuable natural resource in a cave rather than a hindrance.  The owner of  Catacombs Cave  is […] Continue Reading

Another Successful Day at the Jennings Preserve


Another Successful Day at the Jennings Preserve

Posted on 31 July 2014

Over the years, the effort of maintaining and improving the Southeastern Cave Conservancy Inc.(SCCi) owned Jennings Cave Preserve has been focused primarily on stopping the amount of dumping and local littering that has plagued the site for decades. Roughly 10 years ago, the acting stewards made an attempt at educating local residents through the construction […] Continue Reading



Bill Oldacre Day at Warren Cave

Posted on 04 June 2014

I felt tired and anxious as the world passed by the windshield at 65 miles per hour.  I checked my watch–Saturday, May 10th, 9:00AM.  As my wife drove, I closed my eyes and reflected on the events that had lead to this very day. I remembered the morning last October when I opened my E-mail […] Continue Reading