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The Geology of Florida 1
A simple introduction for the non-egg head.
The Geology of Florida 2
A more detailed look at the geology of Florida and a description of karst features.
The Geology of Florida 3
A detailed description of the geology and hydrology of Florida by the Florida Geological Survey. (egg heads only)
What The Heck Is Karst?
An explanation of the term and some basic geology of Central Florida.
A detailed discussion of Florida sinkholes with great photos and illustrations from the USGS. This is a 2.5mb PDF.
Do you live in a Karst area? Check the map to see the areas in Florida where karst is present.
Florida Long Cave List
Caves over 1 mile in length
Karst Glossary
A lexicon of cave and karst terminology with special reference to environmental karst hydrology. 1.1mb PDF.
Florida Geology

Florida is one of the worlds major karst areas. The Floridan Aquifer is one of the most abundant sources of fresh water in the country. It is important that the people that live here understand the geology of the area because karst is very vulnerable to groundwater pollution.

Briar Cave

Ocala Sinkhole