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Cave Science
The FSS often participates in field work and sample collection. Presented here is a scientific poster on marine fossils in the Ocala limestone by Roger Portell and Sean Roberts of University of Florida's FLMNH (Large file - 1.8 MB)
Ocala Caverns Cleanup and Gate
Efforts to preserve Ocala Caverns. Click here
Geologically Recent Events!
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Explorer's Push Series, Cave #1
Virgin Cave (1-26-10)

2011 Election
FSS Board Members

FSS Get Together 8-23-09
FSS At Manatee Springs

Virginia Ridgewalking
Trip report from a few years ago
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Due to the upcoming club trip to TAG and the anticipated lack of people at the upcoming FSS meeting, we are canceling this month's meeting. It will allow some of us to get on the road at a decent hour for the drive up to TAG. Our next meeting will be June 9th. Hope to see most of you up in TAG!

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New Cave Diving Book
A Comprehensive Guide To Cave Diving and Exploration

Speleological and Karst Glossary of Florida and the Caribbean
Sandy Poucher's new book

The Karst Conservancy
The Karst Conservancy's web site
Garbage Filled Sinkholes
If you are a property owner in Central Florida, and you have a garbage filled sinkhole on your property that you are concerned about, the FSS may be able to help. Click below for more details.
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General Info on Central Florida Caves
If you would like to learn about Florida caves and geology, this section is for you. This material is adapted from the old Central Florida Caver web site, and covers basic topics for the general public.
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