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FSS Get Together At Manatee Springs

Posted on 23 August 2009 by admin

By Annette Brinton

Budget cuts earlier in the year forced Diver Dan to stay closer to home for exploration. He decided to check out the local dive sites in the Ocala National Forest. After hiking for more then 100ft., He discovered a 15’ round Blue Hole. The climb over the edge was a bit dangerous and once in the water no bulky heavy equipment was needed. He swam in circles for more than 20 minutes looking for a way on. Exhausted he finished up his dive with one last breath-hold, in hopes of one day returning to find more passage.

Good news: The economy seems to be making a turn around and during the August 2009

FSS get-together we found him and a group of young explorers at Manatee Springs. Several explorers did an eventful dive, putting in at Catfish Hole and turning the dive at Freidman sink. A couple of young spry divers dove Catfish Hole and did a hop skip over to the head spring for another dive, others claimed to be snorkeling in the kiddie pool and selling puppies on the side.

After a full morning of exploration everyone had lunch under the pavilion and swapped tells from the deep and close calls with the law.

There were some members missing from the event. Some were enjoying time with family in other states while others were basking in delight with a new doctorates degree!

All the others were probably off caving!

May all your days be blessed with good friends and good times!