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Blue Springs Cave, TN

Posted on 13 May 2011 by admin

By Bill Walker
Photos By Sean Roberts

Every year the FSS makes a spring caving trip to TAG. This year we arranged trips to Lost Creek Cave and Blue Springs Cave in Central Tennessee. Everyone on the trip was an experienced caver that’s caved all over the country and even all over the world, but for some reason most of them had never caved in Central Tennessee. They were in for a treat. The area around Sparta, Tennessee is gorgeous country and the caves are HUGE in this part of Tennessee.

Trip members: Richard Dreher, Stacy Dreher, Sean Roberts, Becky Roberts, Dave Lizdas, Arianys Lizdas, Bill Walker, Andrey Yefimov, and Maxim Kuznetsov.

Lost Creek Cave

We met Friday morning, 5-13-11, at Lost Creek Cave. After gawking at the waterfall and cave entrance, we geared up and went caving. Lost Creek has a huge trunk passage which is the main attraction for people when they visit the cave, but it also has many miles of technical passage that not many people ever see. We saw as much of the cave as we could, including a passage where we had to traverse across the top of a deep pit. After the main trip Ary, Richard, Stacy and I did another trip. We entered through the Local Yocal entrance near the parking lot, dropped the 120’ pit, dropped another series of pits and exited in the main truck passage of Lost Creek Cave.

  1. The parking area of Lost Creek Cave.
  2. The entrance to Lost Creek Cave.
  3. Richard and Stacy Dreher at the Lost Creek waterfall.
  4. The Lost Creek Waterfall.


Blue Springs Cave

Saturday morning we met Anne Elmore, Bill Walter, Emily Davis, and Alexandra Mei at Blue Springs Cove. Thirty seven mile long Blue Springs Cave is the longest cave in Tennessee and the 9th longest cave in the country. It has been over 9 years since I’ve been in the cave. We split up into two groups, one group going on a photo trip to the Cathedral Room, and the other on a long trip back into the cave to see the gypsum. About 8 hours later we regrouped at Hanson’s Crossing for a group photo.

  1. The large pool at the Cathedral Room in Blue Springs Cave.
  2. The Cathedral Room.
  3. Dave Lizdas in the Cathedral Room.
  4. Andrey Yefimov Richard Dreher in the Cathedral Room.
  5. Becky Roberts at the climbup.
  6. A large passage in Blue Springs Cave.
  7. Bill Walker near Hanson’s Crossing.
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  9. Becky Roberts, Bill Walker.
  10. Becky Roberts, Bill Walker near Hanson’s Crossing.
  11. Becky Roberts.


Blue Springs Cave, Tn Group Shot of the trip

Trip members, back row: Andrey Yefimov, and Maxim Kuznetsov, Sean Roberts, Becky Roberts, Arianys Lizdas, Dave Lizdas, Stacy Dreher, Bill Walker. Front row: Richard Dreher, Bill Walter, Anne Elmore.